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The Relationship Between Date of Birth and Date of Death and Solar Aspects.

Brian T. Johnston, Bsc.

In a recent study I took  the dates of 106 famous peoples births and the dates that they died and determined the number of degrees of separation between their suns’ at the time of birth and at the time that they died. What I found replicates the studies above that show that certain critical degrees cause events to happen. A hge number of studies were done over a span of fifteen years that showed that th aspects of the 24th harmonic were statistically related to the rate of earthquakes occurring on the earth. The earthquake study definitively shows that the angles between the planets of the 24th harmonic, or every fifteen degrees, has a response in the number of earthquakes greater than 2.5 on the earth. Also the positions of the planets in relation to one another also affect the rate of storms on the sun. Several srudies by astronomers have found that the aspects of the planets not only affect the rate of storms on the sun, but also control the general climate of the earth. (See:!planetary-harmonics-and-the-aurora/curf ) John Nelson in the 1950’s found that the 24th angles between the planets was very critical to radio interference.

This study replicates all of the above studies as the 24th ws found to be significant in the timing of the deaths of the people in the study.

The people were selected at random at the website NNBD. ( This site just is a list of these events for people in history. Completely random. I took the birth positions of the sun and the sun positions and death and determined the approximate number of degrees between them.

What the study found was that 46% of the people died plus or minus two degrees of the critical degrees of the 24th harmonic. The expected number was 33%. This is astronomically significant when we consider that this study replicates the results of the earthquake studies, the work of Colorado University and others who have found that there is a complex interaction with the harmonic positioning of the planets and the climate of the earth and the storms on the sun.


The results for the births and deaths were compared to a randomly generated numbers of the same order and the results of the random numbers course were completely devoid of any relationship with the 24th harmonic. . The distribution of the deaths is also highly structured as can be seen in the chart below. There is a definite peak at 60 degrees, which replicates the results of the study above that shows that accidents occur more frequently about 60 days, or degrees after a person’s birthday.


The random shows no such peak:

The days from critical are also highly structured. There is a beat pattern of 2 and 7 days. The seven day beat is explained by the harmonics of the 48th harmonic.Considering the completely random nature of the birth and death data the fact that there is a plain statistical correlation between the dates that the people died and the the position of the sun on the day of death this is extremely revealing. The fact that the deaths of these 106 famous people from history died under the same set of harmonics as those that cause earthquakes, disturbances is the electrical field of the earth and storms on the sun is proof that these forces exist and affect people. The correlation with the day a person is born must have to do with how the DNA and the bodily vibrations were initialized when the infant was born. Just as computer is initialized by it’s base program and it’s hard wired programming, so too a persons’ body is programmed by the vibrations it receives via the interplanetary matrix. The cyclic nature of the planets makes time cyclic on the earth. The reason why this is a survival technique is that the electromagnetic and vibrational nature of the earth is constantly changing and whether we know if or not it must be vital to our survival to adapt to it’s changing conditions. In fact we know that perils from space are a constant source of extinctions and vast climate changes. A life form that would be sensitive to the vibrations coming from space would be better equipped to survive than any being that did not concern itself with them. The ability to attune it’s rythmes to the planets would be able to predict future changes coming, whether this was conscious, or not. In man this ability is greatly attenuated, but there are many, many reports of animals heading to higher ground before a tsunami, or other abnormal behavior before an earthquake, or storm.When I started my study of astrology I did it disprove it. I tried for a great many years to do this. I would have been prepared to show that there was nothing to the planetary influences if the earthquake studies proved to be false, by in total tens of thousands of earthquakes were studied and the correlation between the rate of earthquakes greater than 2.5 and the planetary aspects of the 24th harmonic held strong. So, I could no longer deny this strange facet of nature. The fact that was also found to correlate with those people deaths is even more astonishing. Mind boggling and a little scary in it’s implications. I have approached astrology as a skeptic and I have done many thousands of horoscopes and watched the world unfold in front of me. The anecdotal data piled up until it became a mountain whose top was in the clouds, but anecdotal data is not proof. This is proof. These modern findings by myself and a growing number of other scientists who look at the working of the sun and planets has no contradictions. The results of all these studies is perfectly correlated and self replicating and is the basic forces of nature at work.










































































Further Studies into Solar Transiting Aspects and the Time of Death



Brian T. Johnston, Bsc.


second study of the timing of deaths due to due transiting aspects of the sun of the 24th harmonic was undertaken to see if the results of the previous study were due to synchronicity, or were verifiable results. The premise is that the number of deaths that occur on a day where the natal sun is aspected by the transiting sun by an aspect of the 24th harmonic, or every fifteen degrees, than at any other time. Astrology since the time of Jung has been under the stricture that the results are somehow due to a mantic, magical procedure. In other words fortunetelling. This has of course been an accusation of astrology since ancient times. During the 12th and 13th centuries astrology was being re-introduced into Western and Northern Europe and the main criticisms were as they had always been that the stars could not possibly affect life on earth, let alone an individual person. The results of the many different astronomical studies that now link the positions of the planets and electromagnetic weather of the solar system are too many to reference. The studies started with the astronomers of the 19th century who were convinced that the planets were affecting the rate of sunspots. Professor Carrington was one notable in this field at the time. (A Practical Treatise of Astral Medicine and Therapeutics - 1912, Dr D.M. Duz, Bogata, Colombia, pg 15.) The University of Colorado studies (!planetary-harmonics-and-the-aurora/curf) prove that not only do the planets positions affect the rate of sunspots. but they can be correlated with climate changes on the earth over vast periods of time. Now we can see that the forces at work in the basics of astrology are physical and not a phantasmagoria. To answer the age old question; the planets do affect life on earth and the repetition of the birth and death study is enough to say that it is affecting individuals. Many studies over the years have shown good results and if they were in any other field of study they would have been taken seriously. I have read many good and valid studies in the International Astrologer and other reputable magazines and journals that would be valid if they were not considered to be pseudoscience. In the first study the same procedure was followed as in the original test. Thirty one famous people were selected at random from the website: . , , and . , , and www.famousdead.comactresses ,When we combine all the data from the original study of 109 individuals and the subsequent individuals as stated above we have a combined total of 250. While second batch of 141 individuals did not have as high a rate of adherence to death as the first batch there were 37% of the people who died +/-2 degrees of the aspect. The expected rate was 33%. At the one degree orb the rate was 23%. The expected rate was 20%. At the 2 degree orb there are 10% more deaths than expected that adhere to the criteria, while the 1 degree orb this increases to 11.3% greater than expected. In our original study, which has been modified slightly to include 109 deaths from the same sources (see:!data-births-deaths/cle4 ,) we find that there were 47 deaths within two degrees of a solar aspect of the 24th. harmonic. The expected was 21.8. There were 43% of people who died during these periods when compared to the expected 33% which is quite startling. By combining all three studies of 250 death timings there were 92 people who died within 2 degrees of an aspect occurring, or 37% of people died during these periods. The expected number of people to die during these periods is 83, or 33%. This is the same as throwing a 5 sided die 171 times and getting 92 fives, when you should only get 83 fives. In neither of the databases was it found that the number people who died were less than the odds against chance. You would win at Vegas every time. If you bet $100 once every minute on 5 you would make $216 an hour, or $1,728 in an eight hour day. Not bad wages. In other words impossible and not related to any synchronicity. The batch of the criminals had the highest incidence of dying on the 24th harmonic with 17 out of 30 within a two degree orb. This is almost 57% of these individuals dying during these periods. The expected number is 10, or 33%. It may be that these individuals had less access to medical attention than the individuals in the other batches.The actresses had the lowest incidence with only 9 out of 32 dying during the critical periods. They most likely, in contrast had the best medical care out of the study. This may help to reduce the interference from medical intervention in the study. For the first 205 individuals a t-test was performed against a database of random numbers. Here are the results the unpaired t-test against random numbers: P value and statistical significance: The two-tailed P value equals 0.0018 By conventional criteria, this difference is considered to be very statistically significant. Confidence interval: The mean of Group One minus Group Two equals -16.32 95% confidence interval of this difference: From -26.55 to -6.09 Intermediate values used in calculations: t = 3.1391 df = 340 standard error of difference = 5.199 Another study was undertaken to see if the kinds of causes of deaths affect the results. The data was again taken from , 2 and 3. The first thirty individuals found on this database were analysed and it was found that 13 people died within an orb of 2 degrees of a 24th harmonic aspect. This is 43% of the people, while only 33% was expected. A second study was done on cancer patients and it was found that out of 30 individuals 13 died during the critical periods. This exactly the same rate of adherence to the premise as the heart attack victims. The data was secured from 2 and 3. When we combine both studies there are 26 out of sixty people who died during 24th harmonic aspects of the sun +/- 2 degrees. If we now combine all the data from every study we have 118 people died during the critical periods out of 310 individuals, or 38%. The expected number is 103 people dying during these periods, or 33%. Some of the main objections against astrology have been that what happened when you were born in the cosmos could not possibly affect you during your life and it would be impossible for you to be influenced by aspects to the natal horoscopic positions of planets, signs and houses. Another objection has been that when you were born would not be as important as when your conceived. One of the main objections has been that many have said that the divisions of the zodiac are arbitrary and such things as signs and degrees are imaginary. Harmonics was rejected by most astronomers after Johannes Kepler as they felt it was astrological. Now we know that the orbits of the planets are locked into harmonic sequences like music, just Kepler stated in “The Harmony of the World.” In Book Five he relates the orbits of the planets to music. This is now known to be absolutely true. We can see from these studies that the lives of people can be effectively analysed through harmonic relationship between the natal sun and the transiting sun. When a car is made it is not a car until it is started and if it works then you can call it a car. Many cars don’t work properly when they are at the end of the assembly line and so, cannot be fully considered to be functional cars. Their inception is on a computer and they are not cars until they are truly cars. People are not people until they are born and just like the computer drawings when they are conceived there can be many revisions to the final product before it is in the que to be sold. Why did Kepler need to come up with true of the planetary orbits?The answer is: so that he could predict the future better. We must that remember he was the astrologer for the Emperor. From the study we now can see that indeed we are affected by our natal charts and that the transiting aspects can affect us and even cause our deaths. Are the planets causes then?Yes, they must be as they vibrate and produce “music” that disrupts our own harmonic balance and so can cause major disruptions to our state of being and thereby propagate our death scenarios. Albert Einstein once said that space itself was the eather and carried the vibrations. This idea never caught on, but it appears to be the case. The solar system has dark matter in it as well, not much, just about enough for a small asteroid and it appears to be associated with the planets. What it is doing is unknown, but just goes to prove we still know very little about the true nature of reality.In conclusion we can now confidently state that the transiting solar aspects against the natal sun of the 24th harmonic produce states of stress that result in a greater number of deaths than would be expected if the results were due to random chance. The results show that the astrological influences of the planets do affect people in profound ways and must be incorporated into the mainstream of science and medicine. No doubt with this preknowledge many lives could be saved if the proper preventions were in place to guard against these critical times. In the illustrations below the data is analyzed by various harmonics and the results are extremely informativeThe harmonic charts show the definite peaks around the aspects of the 24th harmonic. These charts also seem to indicate a beat pattern at the48th harmonic. This becomes more apparent when we analyse the degrees from the time of the aspect and the actual time of death. The next chart illustrates this. It shows the death times before and after the actual time of the aspectsThere is a clear peak at the center point around +/-two degrees. but there the chart appears to be bimodal with peaks at +/-7 degrees. The next chart shows the timing analysed by the 48th harmonic. With this chart we can clearly see the peak at zero degrees and at +/-1 degree from aspect. In other words this chart shows normal distribution for every 7.5 degree angle between the transiting sun and the natal sun for the timing of the individuals deaths. For the number of degrees from aspect for the 24th harmonic the mode is one. This suggest strongly that the closer you are to the day of the aspect the more powerful it is. For the degrees from aspect applying versus separating the mode is always zero indicating that for both the 24th and 48th harmonics the actual day of the aspect is where the most powerful effect is seen. From all of the studies we have examined in this article we can see that there is a definite statistical correlation between the day you are born and the day you die that is dependant upon the solar transiting aspects to the natal position of the sun.












































































The Timing of Death by Astrological Influences

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