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When I was young I began studying astronomy and I was taught that astrology was just nonense. I began an investigation in to the validity of astrology that continues to this day and I have to disprove it even though that was my initial goal in studying astrology about 40 years ago. Since that time I have studied many thngs including seven years of college studying engineering and business. I also continued my studies in astronomy and am the past president of Pine Ridge Astronomical Society. I have also studied cosmology and quantum mechanics for a very long time. I have previously published works on the effects of the harmonic interaction of the orbits of the planets and their influence upon earthquakes and the structure and dynamics of the harmonic structure of the universe. 


My premise is that quantum mechanics tells us that the universe would come into being as a result of the random fluctuation of the quantum eqations, with which I agree. This seems to presume a set of transcendental equations upon a superpositional plane of non-existence. Therefore there must still be super existing state. The state of superexistence must exhibit the exact opposite of existence. There is no time and no space. There are zero dimensions in the super existence. Due to the fact that existence reqires locality to manifest, the super existence must exhibit perfect non-locality. 


The quantum mechanical law of the conservation of information states that information can niether be created nor destroyed, rather it just changes form. Pysicist David Susskind proved that there is no information loss in black holes, thus proving that information can niether be created, nor destroyed. This implies thent hat all the information in the universe was present at the beginning of the universe when time and space became existence. All the mass of the universe was also present as is obvious.


We can then state that SMu=EMu, where the mass of the universe as it exists is EMu and the super existing mass of the universe is SMu. This imples SInU=EInU, where SInU is the super existing information and EInU is the information set of the existing universe. This must be true as the quantum equations will not balance and we would rather have 0=EMu and 0=EInU, which is of course impossible. The universe cannot come from nothing, but rather from a super existing state with the opposite laws of being that the universe has. 


We call the information set of the universe the laws of nature and there have been many theories of why the universe is just the way that it is. This must be due to the fact that the super existing laws of non-existence must precisely balance the laws of existing nature to be stable. The universe must be exactly the way that it is as it cannot be stable under any other conditions. 


The fact that the super existence is non-local and does not experience time and space then fom our perspective in time and space it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This explains the observed phenomena of non-locality as has been observed on many occasions as the equation must always balance and constantly adjusts itself as circumstances within existence vary. We do not live in a static universe, rather one which is constantly becoming and is in a perfect state of flux. 


Whether or not you consider the super existence is God, or not is your own opinion, but for the super existence there is no before and no after as it does not experience time or space. The entire information of the universe is contained within it as expressed in the equations above. What the characteristics of the super existence does allow are all the various phenomena of sprituality, astrology, psychic phenomena, and a wide range of so-called para-normal experiences. 


In this forum we can weigh the veracity of the claims of both sides of the argument, but the claims must be backed up by demonstrable proofs that do not disobey quantum mechanics and must backed up by solid scientifc studies. 

Ancient Civilizations


Mankind has been around for a very long time and probably a lot longer than the early twentieth century dogma asserts. The latest out of Africa postulations are highly flawed. When the studies of maternal mitchondrial DNA studies were first published in the early 1980's everyone, including myself had thought that the studies very somehow definitive. But now it appears that the premise is highly flawed. The original studies said that man came out of Africa about 100,000 years ago, which evolutionary scales is avery short time ago. In fact the researchers had to publish a later admission that there data was highly suspect, but this article got little attention. In the second article they said it could have been anywhere between 50,000 and 250,000 years ago. There is no real way of knowing how fast mitochodrial DNA really mutates and so the time scale is unknown. So there is no way of know how long ago it really ws by this method. In fact it is admitted that the male DNA might be as old as 450,000 years old and even this very uncertain, because the oldest mitochondrial DNA ever found is only 7,000 years and is no different than todays. 


In Isreal in December 2010 they found fully modern human teeth 750,000 years old. 


How can the the out of Africa theory really be true then?



Are we alone in Universe?

The idea that beings have come to earth fro mother planets is thousands of years old. Inmany ancient texts such as the Mahabahrata, the Srimad Bahgavatam. the Ethiopaian Book of Enoch, the Bible and many other ancient texts talk about beings who come down from the heavens and have contact with people on the earth. 


How can we view this kind of information?


The astronomer Dyson in the early 1960's showed how a civilization would colonize a galaxy in a relatively short time completely occupying any suitable planets. Considering that the universe is about 14 billion years old and the sun is only 4.5 billion years we live on a relatively young planet in a galaxy that according to Dyson should be fully colonized. People see UFO's everyday and while probaby 90% of the sitings can be explained by conventional wisdom the remaining observations cannot be explained.


Are we part of a vast galactic civilization and being observed by far more advanced species?

Is there a spiritual reality?

Many people today are thinking that siceince has eliminated a spiritual dimension to the universe. It seems that biologists, psychologists and many others have theories which supplant the need for God and any kind of spiritual actuality to our existence. The views of those who proclaim the death of spirituality as a abberation of consciousness are in fact very miopic in their views. Quantum mechanics tells us that the universe the universe would have come into being through random fluctuations in the quantum field, but this then presumes a super positional state of being for the quantum fluctuations to take place in for the universe to emerge into existence. A state of non-existence, or a super, that is above, existence. The state of super existence does not exist. It is beyond existence, above existence and in that state there is no time or space. There is no before and no after. These are concepts arising from existence, not of the super existence that must be reality for the quantum equations to balance. SMu=Emu, in other words the mass contained in the universe, EMu equals the potential mass of the universe in the superexisting state, SMu, where S represents the super existing state, Mu is the mass, of the universe and E represents existence. 


Many of the people claiming the death of spirituality deal with biology and psychology thinking they have the answers to the age old questions, but physics tells us that the universe is only composed of 4% visible matter and the other 96% of the universe is dark matter and dark energy. 


Can scientists using only 4% of the known universe really determine what the true nature of reality is?

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