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The link between the Signs of the Zodiac and the Astrological Houses and the Timing and Rate of Earthquakes


The decades of studying and tracking earthquakes has finally paid off with astounding discoveries. The aspects have been fully proven to bee related to the production of earthquakes and studies have proven that most large earthquakes occur just before an planetary aspect happens. Now the latest research has shown that the rate of earthquakes is also tied to the signs of the zodiac and the astrological houses, For most planets as they rise from the third house to the first house the rate of earthquakes increases and for the moon there is a dramatic drop in the rate of earthquakes when it is in the fourth house, directly opposte to the place that is being studied on the earth. This page has links to the latest research. These studies show that the role that the planets play in creating earthquakes is so profound and statistically significant that there is no doubt that the astrological forces are real and affect everyone on the earth. I had previously examined the moon, ascendant and sun by signs in smaller samples, but could not see that there was any significance to the data. Upon a re-examination of the data using 1451 earthquakes where the time was determined to the nearest second and the place to the nearest minute of latitude and longitude I found that the sign of the moon and the ascendant was extremely significant. I also found that the house position was also significant for the sun and moon, but as much. Due to the nature of the data collection the sign of any planet other than the moon cannot be tested. I used chi-squared analysis for the results. For the moon and the ascendant the results were less than P=0.0001 By conventional criteria, this difference is considered to be extremely statistically significant.
The P value answers this question: If the theory that generated the expected values were correct, what is the probability of observing such a large discrepancy (or larger) between observed and expected values? A small P value is evidence that the data are not sampled from the distribution you expected. for the house position of the moon using Placidus houses it was found that P=0.046 P value and statistical significance: 
Chi squared equals 20.209 with 11 degrees of freedom. 
The two-tailed P value equals 0.0426
By conventional criteria, this difference is considered to be statistically significant.
For the sun by house it was not found to be significant P=0.1697 P value and statistical significance: 
Chi squared equals 15.287 with 11 degrees of freedom. 

The two-tailed P value equals 0.1697
By conventional criteria, this difference is considered to be not statistically significant.


When I saw that the moon and ascendant sign was significant as was the moon by houses by Chi-squared analysis I decided to look at the house positions of all the planets for 1451 earthquakes database. What I found stunned me. The positions of all the planets in the houses except the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn were found to be statistically significant. The moon is mostly random, but what makes if significant is that there is a sharp drop in the number of earthquakes when the moon is in the 4th house. What this suggests is that the moon creates a calm spot where there are fewer earthquakes which overwhelms all the planetary effects when it is on the direct opposite side of the earth from any given point on the surface. I then graphed the Sun by Houses and found that even though it was not significant the 1st, 2nd and third houses were high and the number associated quakes gradually tapered off until you got the 12rh house where it reached a minimum. Mercury and Venus were found to follow the same pattern and so, I summed the associated quakes of all three planets and ran the Chi-squared and the combined effects were significant. When I plotted the other planets I found that they followed a similar, but slightly different pattern as the inner planets and the Sun. So what it seems we have is that the moon creates a pattern of earthquakes that circles the globe every 24 hours, moving ahead by about 12 1/2 degrees every day. As the planets rise from the 3 to the first house the earthquakes increase, then there is very sharp drop in the rate of quakes just after the planet rises. As the previous studies have shown the exact timing is due to the applying aspects which are the prime stimulus for the seismic activity and the intensity varies depending on the signs which are the ascendant and midheaven and the lunar sign peaking in Libra. When we look at the sums of all the planets minus the moon there is a very clear pattern and if we look at of a few cycles it resembles a heart-beat. The Moons activity when plotted like this looks like blips on an oscilloscope. I will make the data available to anyone who requests it. Take a look at the graphs and you will see the patterns easily. The probability value for the tests that were significant with most being P=0.0001 with highest being about 0.006. The first is rated as virtual reality and the lowest is very significant.


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