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The theory that the planets actually do affect life on the earth has been greatly reinforced by a new study of the relationship between the positions of the planets and the number of aurora that are seen on the earth. What this discovery means is that the planets actually do affect the rate at which storm occur on the sun. This was first proposed by Nelson in the 1940's nd he worked for NASA for several years predicting the solar storms for space flights. In the 1940s, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) hired John Nelson, a young electrical engineer, in an effort to improve the reliability of short-wave radio communications around the Earth. Such radio transmissions had been observed to be more reliable in the "lulls" in between solar activity associated with "peak" sunspot years.To his surprise, Nelson (via a solar observatory he built himself on the roof of a downtown New York skyscraper - below) soon specifically correlated this rising and falling radio interference with not only the sunspot cycle, but with the motions of the major planets of the solar system!; Nelson found, to his increasing astonishment, a very repeatable -- in essence, "astrological" -- correlation ... between the inexorable orbits of the planets (especially Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune -- which hold essentially all the solar system's known angular momentum) and major radio-disturbing eruptions on the sun.


Now the new discovery replicates the findings of both Nelson and my self that the positions of the planets are responsible for major events in the energetic makeup of the solar system adn definitely affects life on earth. 


Planetary harmonics in the historical Hungarian aurora record (1523-1960)

Nicola ScafettaRichard C. Willson

The historical Hungarian auroral record extends from 1523 to 1960 and is longer than the sunspot record. Harmonic analysis reveals four major multidecadal secular cycles forming an approximate harmonic set at periods of 42.85, 57.13, 85.7 and 171.4 years. These four frequencies are very close to the four major heliospheric oscillations relative to the center of mass of the solar system caused by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Similar frequencies are found in solar radiation models based on long cosmogenic isotope records (Steinhilber et al. 2012) and in long records of naked-eye sunspot observations (Vaquero et al., 2002). Harmonic regression models are used to reconstruct and forecast aurora and solar activity for the period 1956-2050. The model predicts: (1) the multidecadal solar minimum in the 1970s that is also observed in the sunspot record; (2) a solar maximum in 2000-2002 that is observed in the ACRIM total solar irradiance satellite composite; (3) a prolonged solar minimum centered in the 2030s. These findings support a hypothesis that the Sun, the heliosphere and the terrestrial magnetosphere are partially modulated by planetary gravitational and magnetic forces synchronized to planetary oscillations, as also found in other recent publications (Scafetta, 2010, 2012a, 2012c, 2012d; Abreu et al., 2012; Tan & Cheng, 2012).


These results definitely prove the basic foundation of astrology that the positions of the planets cause physical events to occur. Astrology can now be considered to be a true science and can no longer be ignored.


While not as authoritative as the revelations above this site gives a good run down of the findings of Nelson and it's signifigance to our present discussion. Click on the button:





The above is only the beginning. The link here will show that the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter only control the rate of sunspots, but also the weather here on earth.   Click on the button below to see the study.


Astrology Proven: The planets do create physical phenomena through their geometrical interactions and affect life on earth.

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