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The Nature of Physical Reality

Most people in the modern world believe that the true nature of our reality cannot truly be determined. The arguments of the rationalistic scientists have declared that the metaphysical nature of the universe cannot be studied or explored and have therefore, stated that is not worthy of scientific investigation. Even though these so-called rational thinkers have banned this kind of research from the modern confines of science, it does not mean that they are correct. This kind of thinking came about in the 18th and 19th centuries when our knowledge of the true nature of the universe was very rudimentary and yet 21st scientists still cling to this outmoded way of thinking.


The first banning of the study  of metaphysics came about when the French Academy of Sciences was formed by Louis the XIV. Louis consulted the pope for permission before forming the institution. Pope Innocent XII gave the king permission to form the Academy, but he insisted that astrology and alchemy not be included. Both of these disciplines were rapidly developing and were making significant discoveries and advances.


The alchemist and astrologer Phillipus Theophrastis Bombastis, Paracelsus had started the path towards modern medicine. He poineered the use of minerals and chemicals in medicine and ws the discoverer of zinc. He used experimentation in the study of the human body and invented laudenum, the most common opiate used in medicine until the discoveries of morphine and heroin in the 19th centuries. He basically invented the practice of medicine that we know today, but he was rejected by many of his contemporaries.


The astrologer Johannes Kepler revolutionized our understanding of the universe. He proved the sun centered view of the solar system, and at the same time discovered that the orbits of the planets were arranged harmonically, like music. Modern astronomers call this gravitational harmonics. He made many advances in mathematics, such as infinitesimals and the Law of Continuity. He published works on optics which lead to our understanding of how our eyes work and geometry, which greatly helped merchants know how much could be packed into different types of containers. He was also the greatest astrologer of his day and was the advisor to Rudolph II, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Of course Kepler was always one step ahead of persecution and he was critical of certain aspects of his Lutheran chruch. His mother was accused of being a witch, even though he was the advisor to the emperor. (Here is a simple way af learning about Kepler's theories on planetary harmincs. )


People think that astronomers such as Copernicus, Keplar and even Galileo and Newton were astronomers, but in fact they were all taught astrology in university and astronomy was sub study of astrology. The primary purpose in discovering the planetary laws of motion were to make better tables of the planetary positions so that the future could be more accurately predicted. The Emperors, Kings and ruling classes had all used to rule Europe for thousands of years and this order and stability was what produced the conditions for the renaissance to take place.


When we view history from the point when astrology was officially banned by the French Academy of Sciences, not for scientific reasons, but due to an order by the Pope, then we can see the chaos that began to erupt and that within less than 100 years lead to the ruin of the ruling class in Europe. All of the kingdoms fell and were replaced by nascent democracies, of which none of them survived, except in Great Britain, where the beginnings of the parliamentary system had long been in place. In fact England's system of government slowly developed towards a type of democracy with the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. After the bloody slicing of the French revolution, the tyrant Napoleon came to power. Within 215 years of the banning of astrology the entire face of Europe was torn apart by wars that engulfed the whole world. Tyranny had gripped Russia, with the coming of the Bolsheviks and millions of people that were eventually murdered by their own government.


Hitler used astrology and yet banned it's use for the general public. Karl Kraft correctly predicted that a man born on Hitler's birthday, without even meeting or knowing Hitler, would come to power and be a great man. Hitler late was very impressed and hired him to be his personal advisor. He was instrumental in many of the early victories for Germany especially the early victories in Russia. Then he made some negative predictions that said that Germany may lose the war and Hitler had him imprisoned where he eventually died while enroute to Buchenwald.


Of course the end of the social structure of Europe as it had been for thousands of years was not all due to the banning of astrology, but it makes you wonder when astrology had been used to rule Europe since the early days of the Roman Empire. No one in the Roman Empire doubted astrology. It was a given fact. Some people doubted it's efficacy, but then they were also saying that it was very good to bleed people until they died when they were sick and that Aristotle was definitely correct when he said that heavy objects fell faster than light objects.  


Many skeptics claim that astrology has not advanced, but this is far from the truth. My attached study of he correlation of the planetary geometry and rate of earthquakes produced on the earth is sufficent to call their bluff, for that is all it is. Often a study is quoted done Carlson in the 1980's as proof that astrology does not work. He asked the National Counsel on Geocosmic Research if they had members who would like to participate in a study of CPI's (California Personality Indicators) and astrology. This is a personlity analysis of sorts done by certain psycholgists and these members were asked to match the characteristics with charts of people who partook in the study. There are many problems with this. The NCGR was an association  of mostly amateurs who may have studied the rudiments of astrology and constructed a few horoscopes. There were not certified in any way, and this is the problemwith virtually every study that has ever been done with astrology. The Coulson study only finally had 28 unknown "astrologer" who submitted their results via mail and the results were of course random. So this was a study of nothing performed by unknown people who may, or may not have been astrologers and we have to presume that the members of the NCGR actually knew what they were doing. Kepler must be rolling over in his grave. (here is a link for a critical analysis of the study:


How could they be any other way?


I am not even sure that you can compare CPI's with astrological characteristics. Do you think Kepler or Newton would have approved of their methods?


Maybe if you had them in the study the results would have been different. The whole thing is just a farce.


Other studies performed by psychologists comparing sun signs with personality tests  and get random results simply don't understand astrology. It is actually slightly more likely to get the opposite characteristics of any given sign due to the influences of planetary aspects than the actual characteristics of the signs as they may be given in a standard book.


They also say that astrology cannot predict the future. The hundreds of people that I have made predictions for would beg to differ. Astrological predictions are not made to predict the future, but rather they are made to make the future different.


What would be the point of making a weather prediction that it would rain in the afternoon if it didn't help people to take their umbrellas?


Of course many astrological predictions do not come true if properly applied because you do not want them to come true, but they would have if you had not been aware of them. Take for instance a woman who in her chart the warning came that there was danger coming from transportation. She was vacationing in Florida and so she had her friend drive her around all day hoping not to get in an accident. Then they were in a parking lot and she was walking along and her friend pulled her out of the way just as a passing bus was going to run her over. The precision by which events are timed defies the imagination, this is what Kepler was getting at when he invented gravitational harmonics. Of course no one has scientifically investigated such a strange ordering of the universe.


Or, have they?


The psychologist Carl Jung found that he was encountering so many strange "coincidences" in his work that he tried to find out just what was going on. He used astrological symbolism associated with a large number of people and found that the way that events were arranged conformed to a hidden ordering system that seemed to bring disparate people and events into an uncanny synchronization. He found that this ordering system defied the odds of chance by billions to one against them just being random occurrences. He called this an acausal system of ordering, or synchronicity. While his experiments did not prove astrology, they did prove the harmonical ordering of the universe, but most scientists today simply ignore these facts in their speculations on the true order of the universe. However the truth of the matter is that if any system of the order of the universe, even quantum mechanics ignores the causal ordering of the universe as displayed by synchronicity then the system is incomplete and therefore, in error.


Quantum mechanics is mostly a system of the probability of any given phenomena of the minutae of the physics of reality actually happening. Quantum mechanics is used to predict the probability that any given reaction will occur at any given frequency. At the base of quantum mechanics is the quantum flux. The quantum flux is at the sub-microscopic, sub, sub atomic level where the nature of reality begins to break down. When we examine the equations which describe this ultra tiny realm we find very strange goings on. At the substrate layer of reality there is constant flux of creation. Baby black holes, wormholes and even baby universes are constantly coming into being in merest blinks of an eye and then disappearing. Of course though the quantum mechanics who describe to us the nature of reality as expressed by their equations ignore synchronicity and so thereby miss the mark by a considerable degree.


To some extent string theory attempts to ameliorate this deficiency by introducing a concept that the basic building blocks of nature of are in fact tiny vibrating strings that harmonically interact. Here we have the beginnings of a the unification of a possible field that would describe the true nature of reality. Without the hidden ordering of the universe as discovered by Carl Jung the various aspects of reality cannot be melded into a seamless system whereby the total structure of the universe can be expressed in a single, or possibly a few simple formulas. The synchronicity of the universe in fact overwhelms the other factors that order the universe making the most unlikely things come together in ways that on the surface defy logic.


When Pope Innocent the twelfth ordered Louis XIV to forbid the study of astrology and alchemy, science has since obeyed this proclamation at its peril. This has resulted in the general dysfunction of the world as we know it today. Of course scientists encounter synchronicity in their experiments at every turn, but because Carl Jung was a psychologist and not a physicists, then most physicists are unaware of the implications of his findings. They do not even consider that in quantum mechanical world and in the world of the macro cosmos there is an unseen order that brings the workings of nature into a harmonic, organic whole.


The skeptics eyes are now rolling back in their heads due to the fact that they generally have a narrow education that restricts their view of reality and they a boxed into a corner of unreality from which their Aristotlian logic will not let them escape. They believe somehow in their unending state of ignorant bliss that they can now understand the universe and it is logical and there is nothing that cannot be explained by their pinched off veiw of the nature of things. Nature is not only stranger than they think, but in fact stranger than they can imagine. They think that astrology is so obviously nonsense that even the stupidest people should be able to know  that there is no logic for it to exist and there can be no hidden order to the world.


The problem with the general skeptical view of the universe is that it is not real. It is a chimera that is based upon entirely erroneous concepts regarding the nature physical reality. At the basis of all reality is the vibrating strings that make up the tiniest particles of matter, the quarks and electrons. They are vibrating little strings that are in fact multidimensional and harmonically interact with one another. This is then translated up in the macro world of everyday reality in the form gravitational harmonics. The argument that there is no method by which any influence from the planets could be translated through space to the earth falls apart at this point. If that was true then there wold be no harmonic arrangment of the orbits of the planets, but there is. This harmonic order is seen in the precise arrangment of every body in the solar system. A place for everything and everything in it's place perfectly describes the order of the solar system. This may be good and well enough if it was just our solar system, but now that thousands of planets have been discovered around other stars it has been revealed that they are in harmonically arranged systems as well. This is not speculation, it is the reality of the cosmos. The structure of the universe


When we really look at the universe without the harmonic, astrological structure that it possesses if it did not have these characteristics as its basis then there would be no stable orbits of planets and therefore nowhere for the skeptics to live. In fact when we understand that the tiniest of particles are harmonically vibrating strings then in fact the skeptics would not even have any kind of physical body to inhabit if this were not true.


What is the evidence?


Just ask your friendly neighborhood quantum mechanic about the harmonically vibrating strings, then take a look at the way that planets orbit their parent stars and then take a look at the study of the planetary aspects and how they regulate the rate at which earthquakes occur on the earth and then take a critical look at the arguments of the skeptics and you will see they hold no water. They are leaky as sieves.


It is so sad that for centuries the public has been duped into believing that this hidden structure of the universe is not real. It is the greatest crime against human understanding that has ever taken place. Before the banning of the spagyric and celestial arts people in general had a basis for their understanding of the universe. Order prevailed over chaos and the heavens spoke knowledge daily to every thing on the earth. Which is in fact the truth. For some reason the people who have declared that these types of systems which bind the universe together were merely some sort of superstition. In the dialogue Meno quizzes a young boy and he demonstrates that the young boy does not learn anything new, but merely remembers what he learned in past lives. Of course our modern day skeptics are greater philosophers that Socrates, so we have no fear that they may be incorrect in their logically derived declarations of the nature of man and the universe.


Let us look at their arguments.


They state that the universe is merely a physical reality in which there are no unseen spiritual forces.


Fact: the universe is made up of 4% visible matter and of this 3.6% is intergalactic gas, 27% dark matter which is entirely invisible and the 59% is dark energy. So, they are telling us from this very limited data set that they know what does not exist. It is laughable.


There are no psychic abilities.


This is the logical way to view the interactions between people, but it is now a known fact that people know when they are bieng looked at by someone else when they can't se the person. Rupert Sheldrake has replicated experiments that show that this is the true nature of reality. In his own words: "Since the late 1980s, there has been an increase in research on the sense of beingstared at, following two parallel approaches.The first kind of experiment involves direct looking, using versions of theCoover procedure. People work in pairs, with a subject and a looker. In a randomized series of trials the subjects sit with their backs to the lookers, who eitherstare at the back of the subjects’ necks, or look away and think of something else.A mechanical signal marks the beginning of each trial. The subjects guessquickly, in less than 10 seconds, whether they are being looked at or not. Theirguesses are either right or wrong, and are recorded immediately. A test sessionusually consists of 20 trials, and takes less than 10 minutes.In the second kind of experiment, the looker and subject are in different roomsconnected through closed circuit television (CCTV), as discussed in the following section.Direct-looking tests are far easier to perform than CCTV trials, and have nowbeen carried out with many thousands of participants, both adults and children.Many tests have been conducted in schools. This research has been popularizedthrough New Scientist magazine, BBC TV and Discovery Channel TV, and testprocedures have been published on these organizations’ web sites, as well as onmy own (, enabling numerous people to participate in thisresearch. At least 20 student projects in schools and universities have involvedstaring experiments; several have won prizes at science fairs. Altogether, therehave been tens of thousands of trials (Sheldrake, 2003a).The results are remarkably consistent. Typically, about 55% of the guesses are right, as opposed to 50% expected by chance. Repeated over tens of thousands of trials this result becomes astronomically significant statistically (Table 1).An alternative way of analysing the results, suggested to me by Nicholas Humphrey, is to use a ‘sign’ test, which gives an equal weighting to each subject.Those who are more right than wrong have a positive (+) sign, and those who are more wrong than right a negative (–) sign. For this analysis, all those equally right and wrong are ignored. By chance, the number of people with positive and negative signs should be the same. In fact (Table 1), 853 people were positive and 466 negative, a result very significantly above chance (p = 1x10–20).In experiments in which the same subjects were tested repeatedly and given trial-by-trial feedback, there was a striking learning effect, with a significant(p=0.003) improvement in scores with practice (Colwell et al., 2000). In a German school, with repeated testing, some 8 to 9 year-old children achieved accuracies as high as 90% (Sheldrick, 1998)."  These experiments have been now repeated with thousands of participants and it is genuine effect. Nuff said.


Skeptics will often hold up Michael Persingers' God helmet as the proof the psychically knowing that people are near you is just a load of malarkey. Persinger was supposedly able to induce psychic experiences in people by having them wear a helmet with solenoids in it that produced a varying magnetic field, but we see from the above that people do know when people are watching them and so at best Persingers' God helmet merely amplified this effect when his subjects supposedly felt there were people around them in a darkened room. They could more easily detect the people in the facility where the experiments were conducted and the helmet confused their brains into thinking that the people were right next to them. At worst the phenomena was just a result of suggestion as found by the Swedish researcher Pehr Granqvist who found no effect whatsoever when he performed a double blind experiment. The study was published in the Neuroscience Letters in 2005, where they reported that the presence of the magnetic fields did not have any relationship to the experiences of the participants. Persinger had already agreed to the parameters of the experiments. So much for disproving psychic and metaphysical experiments. Due to his suggestions the participants really did have these experiences and he recorded them, but they had nothing  to do with his helmet.


There is nothing but the universe that we see and there is nothing before the universe and nothing outside of the universe.


Quantum mechanics tells us that the universe would have come into being due to the probabilities of the quantum equations. This is true, so it would seem at cursory examination that there is therefore, no need for God. Maybe there isn't, but the problem with the quantum statement is that people don't really understand what it means. It is just a pat answer. If we examine the problem then the truth of the matter is obvious. the law  of the conservation of matter tells us that matter, or energy, can neither be created nor destroyed. There is another law in quantum mechanics which  is less well known called the law of the conservation of information. The same is true of information, it cannot be created nor destroyed. The skeptics would have us believe that then the universe came from nothing. The total mass of the universe just magically came into being. A just so story. If we express what they are saying as simple equation 0=Mu, where Mu is the mass of the universe. The universe came into being from nothing.


See anything wrong with this assumption?


The quantum mechanical equations that tell us that the universe would have come into being by chance is correct, but there had to be a state where the quantum mechanical equations would have to go through their various probabilities for them to manifest as the universe, or a state of super existence where there is no time and no space. A zero dimensional realm which does in fact exist, but is nevertheless real. We can now revise our simple equation to read SMu=Emu, where Smu is the mass of the universe in the super existing state and Emu is the mass of the universe as it exists. This must be true for it defies mathematics to say that 0=Mu. Time, space and energy came into being with the big bang, but they did not come from nothing.


The characteristics of the superexistance is exactly the opposite of the state of existence. There is no time and there is no space. No before and no after, it does not experience such manifestations. In some ways then physical reality can be interpreted as a emanation of this superexisting state which did not have a beginning, nor does it have and end for it manifests outside of time and space in a zero dimensional state. Nothing came before and there is nothing after it for there is no time for it experience. Physics tells us that time and space are illusions and this is obvious from the equation, but the physicists have not really got their head around that fact. When we look at particle wave duality in the laboratory when know that and electron can go through two slits at the same time, but this is impossible, but true. Insome ways we can look at the superexistence as the wave side of reality, not local, and the manifestation of physical reality  as the particle state of the duality, exhibiting a point in space and time.


Dionysus the Aeropagite came up with the same conclusion around 400 AD when in the book the Names of God he concluded that what we consider to be God is in fact a super-existing state of being of which the universe is an emanation.


Is the superexistance God?


That is up to the reader to decide, but it is real. It must be, or mathematics is wrong.


When we look at the law of the conservation of information we are at the same position. The skeptics would have us believe that 0=Mi, where Mi is the total set of information in the universe. Again this defies the laws of mathematics. Therefore, we must presume that the true equation is SMi=Emi, where Smi is the superexisting state of information and Emi is the state of existing information. We cal this information the laws of nature. The skeptics would have us believe that the laws of nature just magically came into being with the big bang. Another just so story.


The problem with the skeptics is that the space and time for them to exist in is illogical to be manifested. There should be no time and space for them to be skeptical in, but there they are in all their skeptical glory. Amazing! Another just so story. We are so lucky to have he skeptics, or so they would have us believe. The best things the skeptics are good at is making money with their skeptical Aristotelian logic where heavy things fall faster than light things. It's obvious isn't it? They write books about it, get degrees and professorships and appear well paid on TV to tell us all about have they have saved us from the utter balderdash of the metaphysical speculations. Come on now. The Emperor is not wearing any clothes.


So the general masses are being lead by so-called skeptics whose primary aim is to make money and get good jobs through bogus research that claims to prove things that they in fact don't. The only thing that they have proved is that people will believe anything, Just like the Amazing Randi who like to deceive people with second rate tricks.


Come on now,  The Amazing Randy was no David Copperfield now was he. He wasn't making that much money as a magician, so he changed his line of work and became a part of Csi Cops and made bogus claims about giving away a million dollars to anyone who could prove him wrong. Funny he didn't give the money to Rupert Sheldrake. When I approached The Amazing Randi with the earthquake results he refused to participate in any study claiming that I did not say who would pick the subjects. I told he could pick all the random times and the times when earthquakes occurred and I would tell him which batch was which, but he refused. End of story

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