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There is a plague in the world today. It consists of many so-called skeptics trying to foist upon the world their own points of view. They say they have scientific evidence to prove that the spiritual and unseen side of life does not exist.


The people who are saying that the spiritual side of life is merely delusion provide very little proof for their claims. There is much more proof for the existence of the unseen side of life than for it not existing, it is just that many modern people have mislead by so-called experts into believing that they actually knew what they were talking about. 


I have had many discussions with skeptics over the years, but when I tried to join the Richards Dawkins discussion group for skepticism and I brought up scientific arguments against there premises my account was disabled and I was blocked from even accessing the website. These are the kinds of people that we are dealing with. The true pseudoscientists.

Piece of granite on which there appears to be a bas relief of a homo erectus girl. Notice the pronounced mandible. The rock is covered with many other images. 

Negative of the same rock. Both images are of the rock as it was found in situ. It was found in a swampy are in Northumberland county.

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Latest Project

Ancient previously undiscovered pyramid complex on the Altiplano in Bolivia east of Lke Poopo. It was discovered via new satellite imagery of the area.

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